June 2020

Role Of A Finance Broker In Brokerage House

Finance is a vast field where everything has functions and then sub-functions and much more. Finance for those who don’t know is something like accountancy whereas; it is something not related even to accountancy. Finance is all about managing money and accountancy is related to recording of the money transactions. Brokerage is a vague term but thanks to all the development and education they have now bifurcated all the brokerage aspects for example: financial broker, trusted mortgage broker in Wollongong and so on. Financial broker is somebody who helps in buying and selling of the share in an open market.

Share market:

Share market is a place where a person like me or you cannot just go and start trading; there are certain protocols which one has to follow. There are some protocols for example: a person is bound to open an account (a share account) with a financial brokerage company, which assign a broker who takes care of everything pertains to share transactions. Share transactions are not that simple, it can only be dealt when one has ample knowledge regarding financial markets and company, which company is a dividend provider and which company is good for capital gains. Ups and downs in the financial market is yet the cup of tea of a financial broker.

What’s in it for a financial broker:

Definitely the question arises as in, what financial broker is getting as a result of this service? Answer lies in that percentage which a broker gets on every buy and sell of a share. This means that no matter if the client is losing money or gaining financial broker will get his/her fees properly. That certain percentage or amount which seems negligible, when multiplied by the number of shares becomes significant. This is what the financial broker gets in return of every single transaction.

How to become a financial broker:

It’s a money-making job to become a financial broker. Simple graduation with financial majors followed by some certification related to market knowledge, MBA in finance or may be ACCA or CFA can solve the purpose of becoming a financial broker. Finance broker is a person who must possess the financial knowledge as well as the market knowledge. Political scenarios are yet another field of concern from a broker’s perspective. Not anybody can become a financial broker, because after academic qualification it is important to seek practical knowledge, hence, internships and unpaid jobs in brokerage houses matters a lot for the flourishing career of a financial broker. It takes a lot more than just academic knowledge to be in this field, because money making is not an easy job and one has to take a lot of responsibility. In a nutshell financial broker is a person who makes money on the money of others.


Requirements For Getting A Limousine License

What is transportation system? Basically, transportation system is the system that involves the transport of people and their belongings from one place to another; this transport can be carried out in any kind of a vehicle varying from cars to motorbikes and from aircrafts to yachts. Besides that, the traffic rules and regulations are also counted as an important part of a transportation system because it is due to these set rules that we can avoid the chaos on the road. One of the most important rules of transportation or driving any vehicle is to have a license to drive.  Obviously the license for aircraft is different from the license of vehicles that are driven on the road but the question that arises is that whether the license differs from vehicle to vehicle as well? Well in case of heavy traffic automobiles; it does but otherwise all car drivers have the same license. In this article, we will be particularly discussing about the license for limousine and the requirements for getting a limousine license.

Limousine business:

The business of dealing with the limousine cars is considered as one of the most profitable business because limousines are counted among the top rated cars of the world. In this business, limousines are not only sold and bought but are also rented for different occasions by the people. One interesting fact about limousines is that they allow you your privacy by separating the compartment of driver from the back seaters. In addition to that, limousine was the first ever automobile that had the inbuilt air conditioning system. There are various models of limousines and all of them promise great luxury and extreme comfort. 

Requirements for getting a limousine license:

You must have been wondering that does driving a limousine requires any special license. Well, there are no such procedures to follow for driving a decent limousine for sale as it requires the basic driving license which is used for driving regular cars as well. However, a special chauffeur license is required which gives permission to the chauffeur to drive the luxurious car after giving them training of about two weeks. In this training, chauffeur is taught about the features and driving procedures of limousine so as to avoid ay inconvenience for later on.

Besides that, there are no particular requirements or procedures to follow as it is just a training program which trains the chauffeur well enough to take the car on road without any hesitation.


There is no doubt about the fact that limousines are one of the top rated cars and comes in the list of Rolls Royce, Mercedes, etc. Its demand increases even more during the wedding seasons because people love to enter the wedding reception in such luxurious cars. Limo licence for sale Brisbane is no different from any other car driving license. However, extra two week training is given to the chauffeur so that he can drive the car smoothly on the road. “Limo for sale” offers the best variety of limousines and limousine license.