Upgrade The Towing Capacity

A car is your best partner on long and short journeys and that partner needs the best services and treatment as well. You don’t want to ruin your car in the hands of an armature mechanic or shady car servicing agency. Do you? Worry not we are here for you and your car. We provide the best car service in Burwood and the inner eastern Melbourne suburbs. We have an experience that goes back to 30 years. A company founded by two brothers who loved cars and know all about what makes a good car the best car.

Whatever service you need, from small jobs like wheel alignments and chassis repair to full repair of your smashed car we provide all. The list goes on just name the work and we have experienced mechanics and engineers who are ready to do quality jobs. Our engineers and mechanics are qualified and experienced. By just looking at your car and listening to its sound they are capable of spotting the problem. With their experience, you won’t have to worry about the quality of the work.

While your car is being repaired, we offer a replacement car service for you. This is to ensure that your life runs smoothly, and you are not constantly worrying about your work. So no more worries.


To make our services full of quality and oriented at customer satisfaction, we use only time tested and quality spare parts and oils. This will make your car live longer, and your car will run smoother and problem-free. If you are interested about tow truck in Seymour you can visit this site http://www.morganssmash.com.au/seymour.

To ensure quality service, we provide a step by step alert of your car repair so that you are aware of what goes into the process. This also ensures that we deliver you quality work according to the deadlines.

We also provide tow truck in Bendigo in case your car met with an accident. We take care of the damaged car, tow it to the address you provide we or we repair it in our garage, whether your car is ensured or not we provide complete paperwork and stepwise guidance so that you get quality work that is easy on your pocket. So you don’t have to worry about the little things and stay in budget while getting the quality work.


To get our services, you can visit our shop or browse through our website and call and email us. Our customer service agent will get it within a few hours. Our experienced mechanics will help you choose the best plans or make one for you according to your work requirement and services you need. We ensure complete satisfaction and hassle-free work so that you relax while we do the heavy lifting.